The All-New Omnidesk

The Omnidesk Ascent is the manifestation of everything we’ve learnt in the reimagination of your space. We’ve completely redesigned everything from the controller to the way you interact with your Omnidesk. 


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1st Wave (SOLD OUT)
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3rd Wave: Ships 30th Dec 2021

The flagship, the successor of the Omnidesk Pro.

The Premium Collection of curated Solid Wood Tops

Available in

Available in

We have sold out our first 2 batches of Omnidesk Ascent!

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Frame-X™️ Technology

Frame-X™️ Technology

Omnidesk Life App

Omnidesk Life App

RGB OLED Controller

RGB OLED Controller

5-min EasyAssembly™️

5-min EasyAssembly™️

60mm/s Speed

60mm/s Speed

Magnetic Cable Tray

Magnetic Cable Tray

10-Year Warranty

10-Year Warranty

Free Delivery 

Free Delivery & Assembly

Naturalist Live Edge*

One-of-a-kind Design

From $850

From $1,149

U.P. $950

U.P. $1,249

Deciding between the Omnidesk Pro 2020 and Omnidesk Ascent? COMPARE HERE

Personalise Your Standing Experience

  • Bigger and more tactile buttons
  • Crisp OLED display with bespoke RGB lighting
  • Health interval timers for standing sessions

Wirelessly Control Your Smart Desk

  • The first integrated smart desk with a dedicated mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Finetune desk features easily, from RGB accents to height profiles
  • Effortlessly track your health through sitting and standing statistics and progress
  • Set interval alarms for standing reminders


Realise Your Dream Workspace in 5 min

  • 5-min EasyAssembly™️ System
  • Built for simplified DIY and quicker installation with our White Glove Specialists

More Productivity, Less Distractions

  • Introducing Frame-X™️ Technology to significantly reduce wobbles
  • Fastest height adjustment speed for weight-class translates to incredible responsiveness to your needs
  • Improved controller smart dimming minimises distractions in dark spaces

Reduce Desk Clutter, Without Limitations

  • Magnetic cable tray improves versatility and accessibility versus existing screw-on tray setups
  • New Advanced Cable Management Bar* (ACMB) is adjustable from 48" to 72", creating more space for cables and adaptors
  • The Zen Cable Management Bundle** features a full suite of cable management accessories, from cable wraps to maglets and more. Customise your desk exactly how you want it. 
  • Optional Cable Management Master Collection (including a ACMB + Omnidesk Zen)

* Optional Addon

** Bundle consists of ACMB + 5 other accessories

Fits Your Space with Elegance & Function

  • All-New Omnidesk Signature silhouette
  • Redesigned frame column uplifts aesthetics and stability
  • Compliments any decor, from industrial to minimalist
  • New versatile controller allows low-profile white lighting for professional workspaces or eye-catching RGB palette for your gaming sanctuary


Adjust the height of your desk from your mobile device

Save up to 9 memory presets

Fine tune your desk settings

Track the amount of time you spend standing at your desk

Coming soon to iOS and Android.

Ascend to the next level of the Omnidesk

Watch now to experience the Ascent


1-Stop Shop For Your Entire Workspace

The Omnidesk ecosystem lives and breathes to the beat of you and your ambitions. From castors to ergonomic saddles, we have something for everyone. Allowing you to curate the perfect workspace.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our award-winning customer service team is trained to assist with anything Omnidesk-related – from delivery window timings to technical support.

10-Year Warranty

We stand by the quality of our offerings with a decade’s worth of peace of mind. 

An Investment That Pays Dividends

We spend 2/3rds of our day at our desks. A desk that moulds your workspace to your particular needs is key to prolonged comfort and productivity throughout the day. Take a stand and upgrade your space with us.

Ascend to the next level in ergonomics

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